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BARAN TEKS. TAS. GIDA TIC. LTD. STI. - Energy drinks

Stands :

5C E 207


Cumhuriyet Mah. Nakiye Elgun Sok.
N° 4/A , Sisli

34380 Istanbul

Press release

  • HYPNO Energy Drink

    21 October 2018

    HYPNO Energy Drink a product of Baran Teks Tas Gida Tic Ltd. Sti., is very much loved by the end customers around the World because of its unique taste, good color and charming design. HYPNO energy drink is treated like people's drink because of its quality and reasonable price. The Product is produced in Turkey and is being exported to about 28 countries directly or indirectly. HYPNO energy drink is available in some of the smaller and far off islands too where the people just love it. Belize, Maldive , Rodrigues, Guyana and Mauritius are few of these Islands where HYPNO Energy Drink have its own special place among the masses.

    The Product is equally available in one of Largest Populated Country, India where it is increasing its presence steadily from state to state. The one of the very special country of presence of HYPNO energy drink is Mongolia in the Central Asia a country having 7 months of good cold weather. The people love the taste and call it unique in its own way.

    HYPNO Energy Drink is increasing its market share in African continent with its presence in about 8 countries already and increasing the addition of countries nearly every month.

    Africa's Big 7 Exhibition in June 2018 was very special experience for the team HYPNO energy drink, Turkey as it was showered with enormous compliments and love by the people visiting the Exhibition. They were simply impressed with the impeccable quality, taste of HYPNO Energy Drink during their tasting of the product that they simply could not control their emotions by calling it one of the best energy drink they have ever drank.

    We wish our HYPNO Energy drink Partner's around the World very best in their efforts to serve this to as many people as possible in their region.

    We assure our end customer's to keep the quality standards same or even more better to serve them with the best with reasonable price.

    Thank you and best wishes.

    HYPNO Energy Drink , International Marketing