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BAJAMAR - MAMÍA - Canned white beans

Carretera de Sangüesa, s/n
31310 Carcastillo (Navarra)



Press release

  • Brief presentation of Bajamar

    22 June 2018

    Bajamar produces since 1966 preserved vegetables in Navarre. Coming from the rich river Ebro Valley, its vegetables are among the best in the Spanish market.

    Joining traditional systems which take care of the vegetables and enhance their properties, together with technology to ensure total food safety, Bajamar produces asparagus from Navarre with Protected Geographical Indication and Designation of Origin "Asparagus from Navarra", as well as piquillo and morron peppers from river Ebro Valley and other vegetables.

    Asparagus from Bajamar come mainly from own crops and are a gastronomic gem. They have great tenderness, intense white color, great aroma and flavor, and a subtle final bitterness that characterizes the best asparagus from Navarre.

    Picked up at night to avoid damage of sunlight and kept for a short time in cooling rooms with controlled humidity and temperature for optimal conservation, asparagus are processed after a rigorous selection.

    Bajamar also processes peppers in the traditional way, fire roasted, using very little water in its manufacture, hand peeled and carefully packed to maintain all its virtues. The result are peppers of intense red color, deeply aromatic, and of great flavor. Both piquillo and morron peppers are worked exclusively from the lands of the river Ebro Valley, from season, not coming from greenhouses, which gives them, due to the characteristics of the lands, the magnificent organoleptic qualities they possess.

    In addition to vegetables, Bajamar elaborates ready-to-eat meals preserves under the Mamía brand, like legumes, rice, gazpacho, meatballs and stuffed piquillo peppers, following the Mediterranean tradition and the criteria of balanced and natural diet, with a taste of homemade cooking.

    We complete our offer with Bio products, aimed to the consumer who is looking for organic products, healthy and with the best taste.

    Additionally, we have IFS Food certification.