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Stands :

5C F 207


4. Org. San. Bolgesi 83418 Cad. No:12

27600 Gaziantep


Press release

  • We selected the best for you

    21 October 2018

    Distinguished Investors, Estimated Business Partners

    As Aktürk Group, our trust and quality principles having been offered to you for 47 years have brought us the success of becoming a preferred brand. Through our activities at home starting from Gaziantep and then abroad, we continue to maintain our activities with the purpose of being one of the acclaimed and respected institutions. Without leaving this orbit, we will continue our route by moving the bar further up and continue to grow in a reliable, dynamic, sustainable way in the sectors we focus on in parallel with our innovative targets.

    We continue our studies with great particularity to achieve the successes in international markets and to continue our activities. As Aktürk Group, we continue our innovative investments with 6 companies and nearly 200 employees working on food, logistics, health and informatics fields on an area of 50.000 m2.

    We always aim to progress on this goal by having a vision of being among the leading and model organizations in our country. While we move in a determined and stable manner in line with our aims and targets, we use this position for the benefit of our country in the best way. Operating in nearly 40 countries, especially in the Middle East, we strive to be worthy of the trust people have in us. We continue our production and marketing services with our experienced and professional staff, our business style of international standards and strong capital structure.

    Y¿lmaz AKTURK

    Chairman of the Board of Directors