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Press release

  • Abalioglu Yag

    16 August 2018

    Abalioglu Yag

    Reliable, Powerful and Experienced

    Abalioglu Yag been established in Izmir as a product of its deep-rooted industrial past and experience. Abalioglu Yag soon became the leading raw material supplier in the Turkish feed sector thanks to the through approach it takes in its work and the investments in technology and human resources.

    Abalioglu Yag ranks among the major industrial enterprises of Turkey by virtue of the international relations it established and fostered. Abalioglu Yag made a large investment in vegetable oil sector in pursuit of its mission to contribute in healthy and safe food consumption.

    Abalioglu Yag has established one of Turkey's high capacity and most technologically advanced facilities in Izmir Aliaga. Here, it produces vegetable oil, sunflower oil in particular, under its Abali brand to

    enrich all your meals.