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il miogusto


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  • New entrant redefines Prosecco market

    01 June 2016

    The booming Prosecco market has opened opportunities for many new entrants to the European market. However, a lot of introductions merely involve the addition of similar brands to an already highly fragmented market. This is not the case with il miogusto. This is a brand, which has been enjoying a wave of success since it was first launched in the Netherlands. It is a young and trendy brand, which combines quality sparkling Italian wines with a strikingly designed label. Modern tradition, as they call it.

    Founder Mike Poortvliet explains: `Prosecco is a wine that deserves a packaging that matches its purpose, which is to celebrate memorable moments with an exciting sparkle from the right bottle'. It is not only the packaging that is different though. The Il Miogusto product line is unique. The range comprises the high-end Prosecco Cartizze and amazing wine cocktails such as Limonsecco and Melonsecco. `Limonsecco sales are still booming' says co-founder Hubert Mesken. `The media gave us the best summer drink award, but it is our whole range that makes us unique in the market'.

    After breaking through into the Dutch market, Il Miogusto is now aiming at the international markets. These 100% Italian wines are presented at the SIAL in Paris. The range will consist of sparkling Prosecco, Millesimato, Rosato and a range of wine cocktails including Limonsecco, Hugo and the breand new Melonsecco.

    Make sure that you get to know this newcomer at stand 5b P 292; it just might be exactly what your customer is looking for.

    Let's enjoy this summer in style. Cheers!

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