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VIFON JSC - HCM Branch - Rice and derived items

913 Truong Chinh Street
Tay Thanh Ward

700000 Tan Phu District
Ho Chi Minh City

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Press release

  • The Ramen Rater's Top 10 Instant Noodle Bowls from Around the World

    01 February 2016

    - After 49 year of development, VIFON has been the pioneer company in the industry of instant food in Viet Nam. VIFON brand has become familiar to domestic and abroad consumers.

    + With over 2.000 employees, anually VIFON has produced a large amount of products to meet domestic and abroad market demand, specially with:

    - The area of 7 hecta

    - 4 wheat production lines

    - 10 rice production lines

    + Vifon continuously receives merit certificates of excellence and advance from the management ministry, among those are the Honor Flag by Prime Ministeron February 1997 and 1998.

    + Vifon is the first food industrial organization in Vietnam which was given the certificate of complying with the ISO 9002 standard on January 2002 for our quality control system and of successful applying the quality control system ISO 9001:2008

    - VIFON is one of the first Viet Nam enterprises which become member of Instant Noodle Accsociation.

    - Third Labor Medal in 1995

    - Second Labor Medal in 2000

    - Gold Medal of Ministry of Industrial and Trade in 2004: Pho Hoang Gia.

    - 14 years voted by Viet Nam product of high quality.

    - Laurel Top Brand Award in 04 years voted by Polish consumer.

    - The only business in Vietnam which was given a gold medal of"Excellent trading business" for oversea companies by Swiss organization named Foundition For Excellence in Business Practice (FEBP ).

    - Top 10 Global Food Prize by IUFoST in South Africa (VIFON"s Instant Noodle ).

    - Top 20 product confidence By Ministry of Industry and Trade and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Insudtry in 2011.

    + VIFON is the pioneer company which "Not use Senthytic color " in all products to meet the food safety standards of developed countries such as Korea, USA, Japan, Asia, Europe, Australia ...

    Our products always achieve: International Food Standard, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, Quality Control System ISO 9001:2008.