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EVA'S WALK PC - Herb teas

Loh. Marinelli 2 Str.
71202 Heraklion



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  • Herbs - All of our herbs are growing locally and naturally and they are well known for their therapeutic and nutritional value since ancient times.10 different kinds of "herbs carefully cropped by hand are ready to fill your teapots. We are drawn to herb flavors, colors and aromas.


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  • Evas Walk

    08 July 2016

    Eva loves walking in nature...
    Select and collect natural flavours and aromas that are mellowing under the Greek sun.
    Feel soothed with her warming herbs, drink her coffee, cook with her extra virgin olive oil
    and spices, taste the natural honey and smell her soaps.
    In every step you take with Eva, you will find more than just food, drinks or cosmetics...
    Walk the path to re-connect with people and nature....
    It's a travel inspiration, a taste experience that you can share with the ones you love.
    Take a walk to selected points of sales and discover the power, the natural flavours and aromas of Greece.
    Eva cooperates with some of the best producers from all over Greece, thus we guarantee high quality in all our products.

    Come to Eva's walk and enjoy nature's way of life...Simply, Healthy, Easy!!