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Tonnino Tuna

Tonnino Tuna - Conserves (Delicatessen)

Forum 1, Building C
8-4430-100 Santa Ana
San José


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Press release


    01 January 2016

    -Tonnino's offers a better tuna for a better you -

    Tonnino Gourmet is bringing a new kind of tuna to your family's table¿100% yellowfin or skipjack fillets, caught in the wild and jarred by hand, dolphin-safe, rich in Omega-3s with low mercury levels. Available in ten delicious varieties of flavor, each contains only the finest cuts of tuna for exceptional appearance, texture, and taste you can enjoy straight out of the jar. Once you realize just how tasty tuna is supposed to be, there'll be no going back to the can.

    It's been a staple in the American pantry: drained albacore, punched up with some mayo and seasoning for classic salads, sandwiches, and casseroles. Not exactly sexy. But now there is a more sophisticated way to enjoy tuna, as Tonnino's is tempting taste buds and bringing foodies everywhere to change their tune. Tonnino Premium yellowfin tuna features innovative flavors and high quality ingredients, combined to make a delicious and healthy product not to be missed. Each distinct in taste and personality, we would like to introduce our family to yours:

    Ten different flavors to satisfy the most exigent palates: olive oil, spring wáter, ventresca, oregano, jalapeño, garlic, capers & garlic, lemon & pepper, spicy thai chilli and curry coco thai.

    People are learning to taste with their palate and their conscience, becoming increasingly aware of where their food comes from and that its production is socially and environmentally responsible. We also want to know that it's safe. Tonnino's can certify and guarantee that fishing has not harmed any other species, only selecting small sized yellowfin tuna with low levels of mercury. Hand packed in glass jars for quality you can see and taste, Tonnino's offers convenience without sacrificing sophistication.

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