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  • Incredibly Realistic Meat Substitutes by The Vegetarian Butcher

    15 October 2016

    Jaap Korteweg is a 9th generation Dutch farmer and founding father of The Vegetarian Butcher. Ever since he became a vegetarian, he has been on a quest to develop meat substitutes that fill the gap left by real meat. Jaap wants to free animals from the production chain by making meat alternatives with the bite, texture, nutritional content and overall experience of actual meat. We dare say he has succeeded! With meat replicas this good, everybody will be better off.

    After a ten-year search, Jaap Korteweg developed innovative meat substitutes with a spectacular bite and texture. With the help of top chefs, he added flavour and a true meat experience to the products. Together with concept designer Niko Koffeman, chef Paul Bom and a devoted team, he is realizing a global transition from animal to vegetable meat. By using soy, vegetables and protein-rich organic lupine from Dutch soil, the potential is endless.

    After merely five years, The Vegetarian Butcher currently has 3,000 points of sale in 15 countries. The products are for sale at, among others, Jumbo, Albert Heijn, Delhaize, Plus and Ekoplaza supermarkets and a selection of other stores and wholesalers worldwide. A growing number of delicatessen, green grocers, butcher shops, bakeries, health food stores and to-go counters at train stations makes sure fans are never far from their favourite The Vegetarian Butcher products.

    Jaap Korteweg's achievements were crowned with the title of Best Dutch Entrepreneur 2015. Among the other accolades that The Vegetarian Butcher has accumulated are The Taste of Holland, the Triodos Head-Heart Award and the Bronze Meatball in a national meatball contest in The Netherlands (where all other contestants used real meat).

    Driven by an ambition to become the largest butcher in the world, The Vegetarian Butcher is constructing a revolutionary new production facility in the Netherlands. This state-of-the-art vegetarian factory will open its doors in Q2 of 2017.

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