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SAGE KITCHEN - Lemon jams and jellies in can

7 Dene Road
6001 Port Elizabeth
Eastern Cape


Press release

  • Sage Kitchen

    20 July 2016

    Sage Kitchen has just emerged as a top 24 winner in the inaugural Pick n Pay "Boost Your Biz" competition held nationally in South Africa. This has resulted in a national listing with preferential trading terms and access to the DC distribution channel. Managing Director, Mr Colin Lyall, says that it is a huge honour and privilege to be chosen as a winner out of nearly 550 entrants. This opportunity will open up access to roughly 740 Pick n Pay stores nationally. This, on the back Sagekitchen's first international food award as "Best newcomer in gourmet" at the Specialty food festival held in Dubai leaves the company poised to experience growth in both the export and local market. Lyall says that to cope with the new demand they have fortuitously just received a government grant for expansion which will see capacity more than quadruple.

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