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PROMOLAC - Dehydrated dairy ingredients (powders of milk, cheese, whey, ...)

Pol. Ind. Pont Xetmar C/F, nave 6
17844 Cornellà del Terri

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Present on the flag : CATALUNYA - PRODECA

Press release


    03 August 2016

    Founded in the year 1996, Promolac is a young and dynamic family business based in Cornellà del Terri, Girona. The company headquarters, production and packaging plant, as well as its main shipping warehouse, are located in this town and began operating in 2003.

    Promolac has the clear objective of satisfying the dietary needs of today's modern society, who is increasingly asking for a higher demand on the flavour and the quality of food. We are currently present in a large number of top consumer product brands in the hotel, restaurant, catering and food sectors on a national level and we export our products throughout the world. Our area of application is focused on manufacturing a wide range of food products such as soups, stocks, sauces, creams, bakery, cakes, mousses, chocolate products, ice creams, jellies, breakfast cereals, etc.

    Promolac's facilities are set up for handling bespoke projects and packaging for private label brands, either with our own items or with new customized developments. Regarding our philosophy, the quality and safety of our products have always been our main cornerstones. We are constantly looking for the best raw materials available to provide our customers with a varied and delicious range of food adapted to any type of diet or speciality.

    For the last few years, the plant has been increasing its production capacity and has undergone a number of changes, which include the diversification of the packaging options (allowing the incorporation of a variety of packaging as well as for industrial customers), the broadening of the product portfolio, the implementation of advanced quality control systems adapted to the ISO standards, and the modernization of the facilities by integrating the latest technologies.