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Press release

  • Panstar Group is signing up for "on the go" this summer.

    23 June 2016

    New benchmarks for savoury pastries for the summer season.
    Panstar Group, the second-largest national operator of frozen doughs, presents their new benchmarks for savoury pastries for the summer season. This launch is in answer to a present demand from the market which draws together several factors: high-quality snacks, 'on the go' formats, and new flavours with more developed recipes. There is currently a clear trend towards 'on the go' products, products which can be carried and eaten at any time and in any place. One of the new lines which has been put forwards is their new selection of savoury `Mini Grills' pastries. An assortment of three small pieces of puff pastry made with butter and with three fillings: 'Serrana', with cured ham and cheese, 'American', with chicken and caramelised onion, and 'Mediterranean', with tuna, tomato, and olives.
    What is more, the pizza range is being widened with the new 'Supreme Baguette Pizza'. A snack with a crunchy bread base with Mediterranean topping and ingredients (cooked ham, cheese, mushrooms, onion, and black olives) laid out in pieces that are easily visible and recognisable on the palate. Furthermore, two new specialities of puff pastry with fillings have been launched: `Pizza Puff Pastry' (tomato, Emmental cheese, olive oil, and oregano) and `Carbonara Puff Pastry' (béchamel sauce, bacon, and caramelised onion).

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