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  • Indy&Pippa organic ice creams conquer the market

    19 August 2016

    This brand of organic ice creams, which is also suitable for vegans, has experienced a boom in the Slovenian market and is now looking for new opportunities abroad. While the exclusive packaging with its own story is the first thing you will notice on the shelves, the carefully chosen organic ingredients, original recipe, and rich flavour are what give the ice cream its exceptional value.

    Indy&Pippa organic ice cream is gluten free, does not contain milk or soy, and is made without refined sugar, but there is nothing missing in the fullness of its flavour. The team of experts and people who stand behind the brand, and have been carefully developing and nurturing for it for more than five years, firmly believe that it can also positively affect your mood. That is why each of the popular flavours has been named with an emotion. Why choose an ice cream by flavour alone, when you can also choose the emotion you want to experience in your body? Introducing the exceptional flavours and names of six Indy&Pippa organic ice creams, all of which have no artificial colours and no air added: chocolate (CHOCOJOY), strawberry (LOVEBERRY), blueberry (LUCKYBERRY), hazelnut (HAPPYNUT), raspberry (MERRYBERRY), and chocolate-hazel (CHOCONUTTY).

    This year our customers' satisfaction and their recognition of our creations have made the Indy&Pippa brand one of the most popular organic ice creams in Slovenia. And the reward for our years of hard work is the satisfaction of our customers: a large group of them is made up of people who consume organic and carefully chosen ingredients on a daily basis, but among them there are also young mothers and those who, because of medical conditions, must avoid dairy products or gluten. Naturally, our ice cream is also suitable for vegans.

    Indy&Pippa organic ice creams (produced by: Organika +)

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