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Press release

  • Presentation of new food product of Aloe Vera by NATURAE: vegetable icecreams of aloe vera and vegetable mayonnaise of aloe vera

    16 October 2016

    In a continuing effort to explore and exploit the countless possibilities and advantages of aloe vera in food, NATURAE has opted for a continuous development of various dishes, products and applications from aloe vera.

    NATURAE is going to present during the SIAL trade fair in Paris its new range of icecreams and mayonnaises in powder produced with aloe vera, developed especially for vegetarians, with all the benefits of aloe vera, the texture of the best ice cream or the best mayonnaise, but without fat, gluten-free and only elaborated by plant products.

    Also, expanding the range of products for icecream, NATURAE has developed an ingredient from the aloe vera to be applied on the production of ECOLOGIC icecream.

    Along with this new range of products derived from aloe vera, NATURAE also present the dairy line of Aloe Vera, which includes, besides a yogurt with aloe vera, a fresh cheese and a quark with aloe vera , giving the dairy sector all benefits of aloe vera. Along with these products NATURAE has already developed several applications for the use of Aloe Vera in the production of milk shakes.

    In NATURAE we have developed a wide range of products and dishes with aloe vera, which leave from the appetizers with tacos spicy aloe, with which it has achieved a product texture and suitable spiciness for true adventurers spicy, but with the great benefits of aloe vera, managing to completely eliminate heartburn and heaviness. We continue with salads with aloe vera in syrup, hamburgers with Aloe Vera and vegetable mayonnaise with aloe vera, and ended up with dairy desserts, cakes and ice cream with Aloe Vera ....

    Therefore, we invite everyone to enjoy the aloe vera, 'taking care inside and out!!

    Contact during the Exhibition:

    Oscar León
    Manager of International and Product Development
    [email protected]
    Tlf: 0034 983100786
    Mvl: 0034 620083346

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