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Nafoods Group JSC

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Press release

  • Nafoods Group - A manufacturer of fruit juice concentrate/ puree and frozen fruit and vegetable

    30 July 2016

    Nafoods Group Jsc., founded in 1995, grows, manufactures and exports fruits and vegetables esp. fruit juice/ concentrate/ puree/ fruit pulp and frozen IQF fruit and vegetable. Nafoods applies a comprehensive food safety system including ISO22000:2005, HACCP, IRMA/SGF, BRC, Halal, Kosher.
    Our products have been exported to EU, U.S, Oceania, Middle East, South Africa.
    Nafoods has Gac fruit puree - a superfruit of Vietnam - high content of lycopene and Beta-carotene.
    Our major products include:
    Passionfruit juice concentrate
    Passionfruit puree
    Passion fruit pulp with seed
    Lychee juice concentrate
    Lychee puree
    Pineapple juice
    Red/ white dragonfruit juice concentrate
    Red/ white dragonfruit puree
    Acerola puree
    Aloe vera puree
    Calamansi puree
    Watermelon juice
    Ginger paste
    Mango puree
    IQF banana
    IQF mango
    IQF dragonfruit
    IQF coconut
    IQF Lychee
    IQF passionfruit
    IQF lime
    IQF jackfruit
    IQF ginger
    IQF baby corn
    IQF bamboo shoot
    IQF carrot
    IQF hot chilli

    Nafoods is building one new factory of fruit juice/ concentrate/ puree and frozen IQF fruit and vegetable. It will be launched in March 2017

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