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  • Egyptian Dukkah: The Prodigal Blend Returns!

    10 March 2016

    Once upon a time, we had a herb and nut blend called Dukkah. It was the most popular girl at the NOMU party, until we were thwarted by boring logistical issues around supplies. Our decision to temporarily discontinue the range until we could resolve these issues was met with resounding pleas for its return - with good reason too. To blow our own spicy horn, it's delicious!

    We are glowing with pride and joy, as we shout from the rooftops that our Dukkah is BACK, and even BETTER than before! *The crowd goes wild*

    As part of our new Cook's Collection range, the Dukkah returns not only tasting better, but in a completely new party dress - the beautiful glass jars are too beautiful to be hidden behind kitchen cupboards! We have spent hours lovingly devoting our efforts to developing a Dukkah, and an entire range, that can easily take pride of place in any kitchen.

    If you're curious about how to use it, this aromatic North African blend of roasted nuts, seeds and spices, traditionally served as a dip with freshly baked bread and extra virgin olive oil. You can also sprinkle it over salads or oven-roasted vegetables, stir into couscous or rice, combine with ricotta cheese to spread onto toasted bread or use to coat chicken or fish before cooking. If you're anything like us, you'll soon be using it in everything!

    The Dukkah is available to buy online at, in various sizes.

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