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  • With Iranian Sanctions Lifted Food Manufacturing Sees a Boost in Technology and Quality

    03 August 2016

    In a positive move for Iranian manufacturing, a new state of the art raisin & date factory opened in the industrial region of Qazvin. Rossen Market Development Co. began production in September of 2015 and set a new bar for high quality ingredient exports.

    "For over 23 years we've come to understand the need for high quality food. For most people this is no longer a premium but a must." stated Sohrab Masoodi, president of Marsia Foods, a Canadian distributor. "It's in that spirit that we helped launch Rossen."

    Rossen is the first fully automated continuous processing line in the region which according to Masoodi meets the highest international quality standards. This is a welcomed shift in the Iranian manufacturing sector as it has historically struggled to prove itself a quality producer in the global market.

    "The brand new 50,000 ft2 state of the art facility is the first Grade AA accredited BRC plant in Iran and has the capacity to produce raisins with very low micro levels," said Masoodi with pride. "We've spared no expense and want to even the playing field with other quality producing countries such as Turkey, and South Africa."

    With recent international sanctions lifted from Iran and worldwide interest pouring in, Masoodi's risky investment seems to have paid off. "In recent months we've seen a lot of interest from Western investors and buyers," explained Masoodi. "Bringing in new tech and machinery was the first step. In the next five years I hope real change is made in agricultural standards and farming methods. We have to start educating our farmers on quality one region at a time."

    When asked if other processors in Iran shared his vision, Masoodi was hesitant to say yes, "Through continued development and innovation we paved the way. Now we are slowly seeing less than a handful of plants investing in technology, machinery and quality. Is this more competition for us, yes, do I welcome it, absolutely!" he said smiling.

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