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MARDOUW OLIVE ESTATE - Kalamata olives

R60 between Swellendam and Ashton
P O Box 625

6740 Swellendam
Western Cape



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  • Mardouw Oil of the Olive

    01 September 2016

    "All our olive products are produced with olives grown on our unique estate terroir - hence estate oil, irrigated with fresh mountain water, processed on the estate and free from colourants and preservatives," says Chris van Niekerk, estate manager. "Mardouw's extra virgin olive oil has an unique South African flavour with fynbos, pine needles, artichoke and fruit of green and ripe olives. A pleasant bitterness in the aftertaste is the signature of this well balanced medium extra virgin olive oil."
    Mediterranean climate and soil conditions and blending of the best cultivars, gentle hand harvesting at optimal ripeness and careful cold extraction within 24 hours after harvest, ensure the unique, fruity characteristics of Mardouw Olive Estate's premium olive products.
    Mardouw is proud to produce excellent quality olive oil and table olives. The processing of our oil and table olives is done with the latest technology and the products are continuously checked by outside laboratories, ensuring exceptionally high quality products.
    Olive oil is only Extra Virgin when the acid content is below 0.8% and the peroxide value less than 20 mEq/kg. Mardouw is proud to guarantee that we comfortably meet these standards.
    Mardouw makes South African olive products of superior quality, naturally, at the Mardouw Olive Estate in Swellendam, to encourage a healthier lifestyle.
    All our olive products are produced with olives grown on the unique terroir of the Mardouw Olive Estate in Swellendam, South Africa, processed on the estate, irrigated with fresh mountain water and free from colourants and preservatives.