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LA COMARCA - Beef cuts, chilled or frozen

Stands :

6 L 168

Fresh meat and tripe

Ctra. Caravaca, S/N
Apto. Correos 500

30800 Lorca

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Present on the flag : ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones

Press release

  • "La Comarca" PROGRESSES

    07 July 2016

    "La Comarca" PROGRESSES

    Grupo Alimentario de Lorca S.L. is going to build a new meat industry complex to be operating at the end of the year 2017

    Grupo Alimentario de Lorca S.L. - Company known by its Brand "La Comarca" - formalised on July the 5th, coinciding with its 10th anniversary, the land purchase in the Industrial State Serrata in the town of Lorca, where a new meat industry complex is going to be built. This new location is few meters away from the current one, which will cease its work activity gradually along the following years.

    The reason this new factory will be built is the modernization of all the equipment, measure that will allow for slaughtering 1,500,000 heads of pork and 25,000 heads of beef, what would result in 135,000 tons.

    This investment will give La Comarca a greater competitiveness and the best conformation to the exigent regulations on quality, environment, labour laws, etc., as well as to be present in the most demanding international markets. In addition to this, the new factory will double the current jobs to 500 approximately together direct and non-direct jobs; this means a great help to the meat industrial and stockbreeder sectors in the Guadalentín area.

    This new industrial complex will be operative at the end of the year 2017. The current facilities will be maintained operative for five years more to guarantee the scheduled production, until the new factory reaches its full operative capacity.


    Grupo Alimentario de Lorca, S.L. - entreprise plus connue par leur marque commerciale "La Comarca" - va construire un nouveau complexe industriel de la viande qui entrera en fonctionnement à la fin de 2017. Ce nouvel emplacement se trouve à courte distance de l'actuel, qui cessera progressivement son activité. Cet événement coïncide avec le 10ème anniversaire de l'entreprise ainsi que le lancement au marché d'une nouvelle marque commerciale.

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