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Present on the flag : AMBASSADE D'INDONESIE

Press release

  • Sambal Matah, the new craze from Indonesia

    17 October 2016

    Indonesian Archipelago which consists of more than 17.000 islands, has incredibly various unexplored flavour.

    Bringing the taste directly from one of Indonesia infamous island, Bali. PT. Java Peppers Industries is presenting one of it's newest addition to the production line, Sambal Matah.

    Sambal roughly means dipping sauce in Indonesian language, while sambal is commonly understood as spicy sauce.

    Sambal matah itself is only one among the thousands of sambal recipe in Indonesia. However, it is one of the most popular sauce in Balinese cuisine. For tourists that had the opportunity and pleasure to taste Bali cuisine it would be impossible to avoid the exposure of this heavenly creation. Sambal

    "Keeping in mind the original Sambal Matah flavour and the distinguished taste of Indonesian ingredients, without neglecting the food safety issue and topping it with our personal aim to keep product as natural as possible, definitely not a simple task" said the company representatives.

    The all natural, non preservative attitude is definitely something to be appreciated. While you can find other Asian chilli sauce in the market, there has never been anything quite like it.

    The taste of this product simply amazing in every sense. In Bali, Sambal Matah is commonly used as compliment for grilled, broiled meat food, such as poultry, pork or fish. The taste itself can be explained as savoury, aromatic, with a hint of lemon and a little to mild spiciness. Some refer this to South East Asia goodness.

    "We strive to present the best taste using only authentic ingredients grown and processed only in Indonesia" said Java Peppers CEO. He also add "the most difficult process would be some ingredients has to be harvested no longer than 24 hours prior to production in order to keep the original taste"

    Quite a complex process to bring an Indonesian home cooking to the world.

    A jar of Sambal Matah is definitely a must have product in your kitchen.