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Press release

  • DOGA at SIAL Paris 2016

    01 July 2016

    Our company was established in 1956. At the begining, we have produced flour with a capacity of 15 tons/day. In 1969, we have become the second largest producer of flour in the region.

    In order to expand our fields of activity and assess market demands, we have decided to invest pasta/macaroni in 1972. We have started with production 6 tons of pasta per day in 1974 with the new technology in Turkey, we were able to reach a capacity of 30 tons per day by importing advanced machinery technology from Italy in the years 1980-1986 .

    During this period, we have increased our capacity and renewed our continuing investments on increasing product quality. Our capacity has reached to 40 tons / day in 1990, 60 tons / day in 1994, 100 tonnes / in 1998 and 200 tonnes in the early 2000s.

    With new investments in 2013, we have increased capacity of our milling to 600 tons / day capacity of wheat, 175 tons / day of spaghetti, 200 tons / day short pasta and in total 375 tonnes / day.

    Our company carries out production with the quality certificates in 1999 , TSE and TSE -ISO- EN- ISO 9001:2008 22000:2005 certificate, in 2010 from 9001 to 22,000, in 2013 , we are honored by 27001 Safety of Information, 14001 Environmental Management System and Halal Certificates .

    We mainly export our products West Africa , East Africa, Far East, Asia , Middle East, Eastern Europe , Balkans and South America, with more than 40 countries. In domestic markets our products are delivered by more than 50 local agents in Turkey without compromising our quality with giving importance to human health, development and innovation.

    We will be glad to see you at the exhibition.