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GEODI S.A. - Lemon jams and jellies in can

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5b L 234

Gourmet Foods

40, Agiou Konstantinou
15124 Athens

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Present on the flag : PROMO SOLUTION LTD

Press release

  • GR-eco salad snack

    30 August 2016

    The product named «GR-eco salad snack» is a shelf-stable Greek salad snack. It is a product of "moist'' soft texture with a simultaneous low water content that can be stable at ambient temperature with a shelf life of several months without significant quality deterioration. It comprises of Greek vegetable cubes-slices-pieces and Greek Feta cheese cubes treated with novel technologies such as osmotic dehydration and air dehydrated to a level of water activity to assure safety of the product. The final product is very tasteful, and had moist-mouth feeling, while its sensory attributes are similar to the well-known freshly produced Greek salad. The developed product is a ready-to-consume snack of superior quality and high nutritional value, while it could also be consumed in combination with other food snacks.