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FRUJUS - Concentrate based citrus juice

P.O. Box 223

2026 Johannesburg

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  • FruJus - FruJus is produced for the juice lover who appreciates high quality, authentic, low acidity juice without sugar or preservatives. Made in ISO certified facilities using best South African fruit in a stunning package. We seek partnerships with large supermarkets and distributors globally.


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  • FruJus

    17 October 2016

    Frujus is made for the juice lover who appreciates a high quality, authentic tasting, and low acidity juice. Our products are made without added sugar or preservatives and packed in ISO certified facilities and is Halaal certified. Our 1Ltr format is ideal for the home whilst the 250ml pack is ideal for school lunches, sports or travelling. FruJus has received much positive feedback and won blind tastings against established brands. Tetrapak technology allows a one year shelf life without the need for refrigeration which makes FruJus an ideal export product. We seek importers, distributors and large retailers globally.