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  • Foodies Italia

    01 October 2016

    Foodies Italia began as a business unit of Eurofood Group to provide a concrete answer to the needs of domestic producers and international distributors interested in the "made in Italy" food service.
    Eurofood Group as the reference Group for worldwide exportes, imports exclusively for the Italian market the best food specialties from more than fifty countries and five continents. It offers the most complete collection of prestigious brands linked to the world of new food trends, from ethnic to healthy food, from confectionery to gourmet cuisine, from spirits to colonial through a network of more than 15 thousand customers nationwide.
    Due to his strong knowledge in International food trends and for his Italian made reality, Eurofood Group decided to export the organic and gourmet Italian specialties by his new business unit: Foodies Italia!
    Foodies Italia born as a real central purchasing office of typical Italian products for the distribution to all international markets. The group takes advantage of his wide and complete range of Italian food products as well as experience, international contacts and economical solidity, to offer the most efficient export experience.
    The wide offer of Foodies Italia is enhanced by several proprietary brands, including:
    Nattura is the evolution of Italian traditional food into tasty and healthy Italian food. This brand joins together healthy nutritional values and good Italian taste. No other health food brand in the market is combining
    together so many different features across the range: Gluten Free- Dairy Free - Milk Free - Animal Fat Free - Palm Oil Free - Egg Free - Yeast Free - `Easy to digest' special grains - Vegan - Organic.
    Foodies Bros. represents the excellence of typical Italian food. Together with the chef Simone Rugiati, Foodies Bros selected the best flavors and the best recipes of Italian cuisine, famous throughout the world for its goodness and authenticity.
    A brand that is a guarantee of Italian quality, entirely

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