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EXOTICO INDONESIA - Dietetic food complements

Kawasan Industri Bekasi Fajar Mm 2100
Jl. Selayar B2 No.7
Kel. Mekarwangi, Kec. Cikarang Barat

17530 Bekasi

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  • Exotico Green Coffee for Slimming and Exotico Beauty Chocolate

    08 August 2016

    Exotico Green Coffee is designed to fight against excess weight, appetite suppressant, and increase energy. High Fiber, Low-Calorie, Chemical-Free, Promotes fat burn, prolonged feel of fullness, maintain healthy digestion, inhibit fat accumulation. Exotico Green Coffee is a powder drinks of coffee, contains L-carnitine, dietary fiber, inulin, non-dairy creamer, aim for fat-burn. Exotico Green Coffee was made to help you lose weight in a healthy way. Get slim in a delicious way. Staying slim and fit is not only important for good looks but also for your overall health.Balanced flavors of coffee with a touch of fruity and nutty aroma from unroasted coffee beans, that every coffee lovers will enjoy. Exotico Green Coffee will keep you enjoy the excitement of drinking coffee with slimming benefit.

    Exotico Beauty Choco is a powder drinks of chocolate with mint sensation, contains Fish Collagen, L-Glutathione, with Vitamin & Mineral. Get the benefit: instant chocolate drinks contains a combination of collagen and L-glutathione, designed to suit your need of radiant skin, Brightening & improve your skin radiance, dull skin to a brighter, fairer, clearer and younger complexion, Rich source of antioxidant - good for your health. This product offers full of beauty and relaxation functionality with Fish collagen and L-Glutathione enrichment supported with relaxing of peppermint extract taste. Can be served as a hot chocolate or cold chocolate frappe. Stay young, fresh and fabulous. Exotico Beauty Choco will keep you enjoy the excitement of drinking chocolate and maintain your youthful looks.