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EGGELBUSCH GMBH & CO. KG - Beef sausage

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6 E 258

Fresh meat and tripe

In der Heide 20
33428 Harsewinkel-Greffen

Press release

  • Snacking with a clear conscience

    02 August 2016

    Westphalia's culinary delights include the famous smoky dry sausage that has been served in the region for many centuries. The sausage manufacturer Eggelbusch, located right in the heart of Westphalia, started its success story in sausages in the 1930s with this dry sausage. Today, the business has developed into a global player, supplying a wide range. This year's will see the presentation of an innovative new product line to be launched by Eggelbusch, focusing on meat from naturally reared chickens. The meat we offer in our new range does not contain any preservatives, flavour enhancers or artificial aromas." The new Chick Up's line addresses the snack market, which has been subject to continuous growth in recent years. It has been developed in cooperation with the poultry specialist Borgmeier, who supplies the upscale retail market. The sausages are pre-positioned on trays and can be enjoyed as a short snack. ChickUp's will be available in different flavours and varieties, packaged in convenient resealable bags. Animal welfare and health-conscious products feature high on Eggelbusch's agenda. They are prerequisites for superior quality products, which have laid the basis of Eggelbusch's reputation in the past 85 years. Their dry sausage became an immediate hit with consumers. In addition, product lines that cater for special needs are becoming increasingly popular. "About 30 years ago, we were one of the first to enter the ethno market. For our customers and trade partners in the Muslim culture, we came up with a range of products that meet stringent halal quality standards. We were real pioneers in the German market. The poultry for the halal range comes from certified suppliers. Eggelbusch has assigned special production areas for its halal products, which are marketed under the Sibel brand. The company adheres to its tradition of sausage production, but it is always looking for new market opportunities in order to implement new ideas in sausage production.