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  • Coldpress - Coldpress juices are a revolution in the Juice and smoothie sector due to the HPP process used to produce them, allowing more nutrients and flavour to be retained which are often lost in other pasteurised juices. There is a range of vegetable juices, fruit smoothies and single fruit variety juices.


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  • Coldpress - The most nutritionally indulgent juices!

    01 July 2016

    Our juices are made a little differently from the mass-market pasteurised brands that are heated to preserve them. We use cold pressure technology to keep our juices fresh and tasting great rather than heat, because vitamins and nutrients are heat sensitive.

    This means our juices are nutritiously dense and great tasting, because heat has not destroyed the nutrients and vitamins. Take our Valencian Orange which is packed full of Vitamin C for example. To consume one of your five a day you can drink less of Coldpress Valencian Orange meaning you drink less juice and therefore consume less sugar.

    The Coldpress juice range is not just fruit juice; it is also a vegetable juice range such as Mean Greens and Juicy Roots. It is also a Smoothie range such as Mango Passion Fruit, Raspberry Pear Apple, and Strawberry and of course our most loved Coconut Banana Pineapple. All with up to 6 months shelf life.

    With cold pressure technology nutrition can be indulgent to the taste buds as well as being nutritionally dense. Our bottles are uniquely hexagonal in shape being Mother Nature's most resilient structure, provides our bottles with the strength they need to withstand the rigours of our high pressure process.

    Coldpress Juices first burst onto the market in 2011 and five years later are still enjoying over 65% year on year growth across Europe. As a technology category leader Coldpress believes the benefits of cold pressure technology should be available to as many people as possible across as many food and drink categories as possible. Where will Coldpress pop up next?