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Chika's Foods


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  • Retail/Commerce
  • Snacking / Food Service
  • Snacking / Restauration

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Present on the flag : UK Pavilion - PS8 Ltd

Press release

  • Fifth Chukker - Business section: Chika Russell

    10 June 2016

    Chika Russell studied economics at university, then went on to work in the City, first for a brokerage, then for an investment bank, during which she qualified as a management accountant. She left it all behind in favour of entrepreneurship, to launch her own luxury Nigerian inspired snacks range - 'Chika's'.
    Chika's Foods was set up in 2013, to spread Chika's affection for Africa and its cuisine, to people who haven't yet discovered the uniqueness and flavour of West Africa. "Our range of savoury snacks is inspired by my childhood days spent in West Africa and a desire to create something that genuinely excites the senses. Chika's gives everyone the chance to 'taste' Africa: through its food, its style, its culture", states Russell. She and her products first came into the spotlight, in a big way, on the 19th July 2015, as one of the entrepreneurs pitching on the hugely successful BBC TV programme Dragon's Den. For those who don't know, Dragon's Den comprises of five 'dragons', aka seriously serial successful entrepreneurs, whom people come and pitch their ideas to, in the hope to receive investment for their business.
    Although Russell already supplied high-end hotels and was in talks with Waitrose, she wanted help from a dragon to make it a global brand. "Don't let these heels fool you, I'm a grafter, these hands work hard, this brain is always thinking and it never shuts down," said Russell to the camera before entering the 'den'. True to her heritage, Russell came in, accompanied by a trio of dancers, holding trays of her snacks, swaying to the beats of uplifting Nigerian music. She immediately made an impression, not only with her novel entrance, but also with her premium snacks and confident pitch. Consequently, in a nail-biting episode, she had all five dragons contending to invest.