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Café Jurado


Present on the flag : GENERALITAT VALENCIANA

Press release

  • Jurado Concept Store

    04 December 2014

    Café Jurado is a company that thrives on innovation and measure, which is why we have opened our first store for capsules compatible with Nespresso® machines on Calle Pintor Aparicio, 34 in downtown Alicante and Ukraine (Odessa).
     Our aim is to get closer to our customers and care for them with personalized service down to the smallest detail. What better way than by offering exclusive blends?
    We invite you to a unique and exclusive experience. Under our campaign called THE NEW EXPERIENCE, the perfect fusion will be created of aroma, flavour and texture that will make you feel a pleasure to the senses.

    Our store comes about out of two concepts:
    1. Exclusivity: We offer top-quality gourmet products that you will not find available at any other place of sales.

    Our Nespresso® -machine compatible capsules are unique varieties carefully selected to give a wide range of flavours.

    We launch limited editions of the world's finest coffees: from a balanced Colombian to an exquisite Jamaica Blue Mountain.

    Our most exacting customers will find various different intensities of flavour, from mild No. 8 (Icatú) to intense No. 10 (Indiana), from extra strong No. 12 (Indiana) to creamy No. 15 (Elitist).

    And that is not all. Café JURADO also offers its own system of Espresso Point capsules with cutting-edge design and technology.

    You will be able to savour origins such as Ethiopia, Kenya AA, Guatemala, Colombia, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Fair Trade. Capsules with 7 grams of coffee, which makes for an unparalleled rich crème in the cup.

    Tea lovers will find a selection of the most exotic teas in the choicest packages, such as Peppermint Moorish Tea, Cinnamon Black Tea and Wild Berry Fruit Tea, with more than 10 types of ingredients making a total of 12 different varieties.

     2. Personalized treatment: Moreover, we have a trained staff of people to answer any of your questions and recommend products that best match your tastes.