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COCOALAND - Jelly confectionery

Lot 100, Rawang Integrated
Industrial Park

48000 Rawang



Present on the flag : MATRADE

Press release

  • The brotherhood, a successful story between 9 siblings.

    11 October 2016

    Cocoaland which is the largest fruit gummy producer in Malaysia, is managed by 9 siblings of the Liew family since 1980s. The story began when two brothers started out as small-time vendors of snacks selling and they were later joined by other brothers for moved upstream. In the mid-1980s, the brothers identified a market opportunity for the manufacture of polytubed drinks, which enabled the company to venture overseas, exporting to the Middle East, and to purchase a factory.

    In the 1990s, Cocoaland's new product Koko Jelly Chocolate Ball was successfully launched and started to build up the group's branding in Malaysia. In 1988, Cocoaland produced mango gummy which made from concentrated juice was commercialized well and set out a strong position in the market. Fruit gummy is our flagship product until now and have a well booming especially in export market.

    Today, Cocoaland operates five manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and produces gummy, soft drinks, hard candy, snacks, wafers, cookies and chocolate. Its more famous brands are Lot 100, Cocopie, Koko Jelly and Fruit 10. The group was listed in Main Market, Bursa Malaysia on 2005. The founders and family owned the lion's share while Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd is the second largest shareholder. Apart from it, Cocoaland helps to produce their partial products in Malaysia.

    Cocoaland's turnover had continuously grown since 2005 and the sales in the export markets accounted for 60% of the group's revenue in 2015 which export to China, the US, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe. The brothers realized China will become our main market and we set up a trading office in China since 2008.

    While the demand for snacks and candy remains strong, Cocoaland is facing stiffer competition at home too. Therefore, the group plans to penetrate the Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and other Indochina markets for higher margins.