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Press release

  • Cancilar Food at SIAL Paris 2016

    30 June 2016

    In consideration of the developments in the industry, there is a land of 20.000 sqm as owned by Çancilar Raisin Processing Plant which is ready for construction in the vicinity of the plant.

    Cancilar Raisin Processing Plant has been calibrating, de-stemming, washing, removing all foreign matters (stones, metals, etc.) from the seedless raisins which it grows and the grapes purchased from the farmers with whom it has been dealing for many years in the town of Ahmetli where the most productive and best grapes are grown and then pack and made them ready for consumption.

    Çancilar Raisin Processing Plant started its operations in the textile industry in 1989 and maintains its operations in the durable consumables trade and gas station business respectively. Having invested the profits which it earned in all these sectors in vineyards as from 1989, the Çancilar Group harvests 500 tons of seedless raisins per year in its existing vineyards extending over 1.000 decares. Due to its build-up of many years and regional recognition, it decided to establish its raisin processing plant in 2009 and has made its raisin processing plant ready by using the state-of-the-art machines which conform to the world standards for the past two years.

    Having closely followed the technological developments in the industry, we added a laser raisin sorting machine and a metal detector to our line during the past two years. Included in the investments which are still under way, another laser sorting machine and an X-ray machine shall start to be used upon the completion of their installation.

    Aiming at carrying out a production which is in conformity with the Food legislation in our country and all over the world in hygienic conditions, Çancilar Raisin Processing Plant is still making great efforts on ISO 22000 and BRC quality systems.
    We will be glad to see you at our booth during the exhibition.