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C.R.I.G.P. CORDERO DE EXTREMADURA "CORDEREX" - Fresh mutton in carcasses

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6 M 181

Fresh meat and tripe

Avda. Juan Carlos I, 47
06800 Merida

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  • All the pieces of a P.G.I. CORDEREX carcass have the Extra Quality consideration.

    01 July 2016

    PRODUCTION AREA: The lamb of Extremadura, P.G.I. CORDEREX, is born in the pasturelands of Extremadura and it's breeded with mother's milk and authorized and controlled food by the Regulatory Council of the Protected Geographical Indication "Lamb of Extremadura" CORDEREX. The production and slaughtering area of the P.G.I. CORDEREX is located in the towns of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura. The Dehesa Extremeña is a unique environment, characterized by the perfect combination between grasslands and cultivation areas, with half-wooded and sparse forest parts, where holm oaks, cork oaks and gall oaks grow. The pastureland of Extremadura takes up to 1,800,000 hectares, equal to the 43% of the Autonomous Community territory, belonging almost 1,000,000 hectares to wooded pastureland. The genetic origin of the Lamb of Extremadura is the native merino breed. Its own characteristics (great hardiness, high herd and maternal instincts and a perfect integration in our ecosystem) contribute to the pasturelands of Extremadura defense and to the maintenance of the environment and the economic-rural climate.
    IDENTIFICATION OF THE COVERED PRODUCT: Only those carcasses accomplishing all the requirements established in the Bid Specifications of the P.G.I. Corderex according to color, conformation, fattening, weight (9-16 kg) and absence of defects are identified. Thus, only controlled, qualified and suitable meat get the certificate of guarantee of the P.G.I. Lamb of Extremadura, being identified with a warranty seal in the shank and a seal along the entire carcass with the mention "CORDEREX", visible even after cooking. These carcasses of lamb are distributed through registered Commercial Entities registered in the P.G.I. CORDEREX and authorized by the Regulatory Council for their marketing. The certificated lambs are subjected to rigorous controls, so the CORDEREX seal offers the consumer the maximum guarantee, quality and overall safety of the product.