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  • Bonomellli

    11 October 2016

    Bonomelli srl leader in Italy for consumers who value their well-being and want to feel better and be healthier by eating wel hass 3 major brands under its umbrella

    Cannamela - one of Europe's leading brands for spices

    Polenta Valsugana - leader in Europe for Polenta and Gluten Free products

    Bonomelli - one of Europe's leaders in Herbal infusions.

    Established in 1956, Cannamela has become the leader in the Italian market, and one of Europe's leading brands, in spices and aromatic herbs. Its success is due to: a selection of the best raw materials, the strictest quality controls and vast investments in innovation to stay ahead of the market's trends.

    Cannamela offers more than 1000 items in various product categories such as
    - an Organic Line, a Freeze Dried Line and an Ethnic Line in spices
    - a ready mix for Salads and special Seasonings mixes for meat, fish and vegetables
    - Seasoned Gluten Free Bread Crumbs
    - Ready Mix for Pasta and Special Patés
    - Condiment Creamy Sauces
    Established in Milan in 1908 Bonomelli has become a reference point in the well-being, health conscious market and is the market leader in Italy.
    Its most successful product range includes
    - Bonomelli Filtrofiore Chamomile, the only one containing every single part of the chamomile flower, Bonomelli Sifted & Instant Chamomile.

    - Tisanes for regularity, relaxation, lightness and harmony just to name a few

    - All Natural 100% Fruit Infusions

    Polenta Valsugana
    Polenta Valsugana first appeared on the Italian market in the 50's and is market leader. It also has the added benefit of being Naturally Gluten Free. All the products are 100% made in Italy. Polenta is now becoming a hot item for the health conscious individual looking to find fun food that's Beautiful, Easy, Good and Healthy!
    The Range consists of
    - Instant Yellow and White Polenta
    - Instant Whole-Grain Polenta
    - Instant 5 cereal Polenta
    - Ready to serve solid Polenta