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BREZZO - Honey

Frazione Tre Rivi 87
12040 Monteu Roero - CN



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    15 September 2014

    Brezzo's evolution has always been inspired by the will and the desire to promote and enhance a quality food product that is at the same time an expression of cultural and territorial identity and a reference to the most genuine traditions of Italian cuisine. To achieve this Brezzo company uses not only ancient values and historical memory of the origins but also a conception of a modern enterprise, market-oriented, careful to the needs and the changing tastes, based on a production model lean and flexible. These organization, along with the self-control system provided by the company HACCP and traceability of products that allows to monitor the entire processing chain, has improved the safety of manufacturing processes and elevate the goodness and reliability of products. Brezzo's products are the expressions of the best gastronomic tradition of the Piedmont (from where they come from) and of other Italian region renowned for their excellence. Starting as beekepers and honey producers, Brezzo family, arrived to its third generations, has now a wide range of quality products, both sweet and salty. Honey is still now one of the most important and valuable item of the company. Harvesting is done on wild flowers on the differnt blossoming areas, away from possible sources of pollution and all the process are made in order to not alter the physico-chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the honey and to maintain the integrity of all of its beneficial properties. Honey but not only. Other specialities are organic compotes, organic juices, truffle products (the company is located near Alba, the city known all over the world for his white truffle), different kinds of vinegars and amazing starters and condiments. Those are only a part of Brezzo's offer. Finally, the company always pays a strong attention to the healty and genuinity of his products, all presented in elegant packagings in order to underline their top quality.