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Press release

  • AROMA at SIAL Paris 2016

    01 June 2016

    Aroma Bursa Fruit Juice and Food Industry Inc. has established in 1968 in Gürsu District of Bursa on an area of 75.000 m². With the onset of the investments that were started in the year 1991, the amount of fruits processed has been increased from one day to the other and an annual increase from 20.000 tons to 125.000 tons was achieved. As such Aroma has become one of the leading fruit juice manufacturing and filling facilities in the country. AROMA produces fruit juice, nectars, fruit flavored natural mineral water carbonated drinks; bottles natural spring water. The company also produces semi-finished products such as fruit concentrate and purees with that Aroma is one of the biggest apple juice concentrate producers in Turkey.
    Aroma, has established its presence in the water market since the year 2004 with Aroma Ömer Duruk Natural Spring Water Brand. AROMA Ömer Duruk Natural Spring Water Facilities were built in the year 2004 on an area of 50.000 m² occupying a covered area of 10.000 m². The natural spring water is obtained from a spring that is on Uludag Mountain located at a height of 2020 meters. The filling of water at these facilities is carried out in compliance with the international standards under completely hygienic conditions by using fully automated machinery. Aroma Ömer Duruk Natural Spring Water has high mineral content and low rate of sodium and as such it is a natural spring water that is tasty and easy on the taste buds. Aroma is certified by ISO 9001:2008 being member of SGF, MEYED( Turkish Fruit Juice Producers Association) Aroma products are strictly confirmed by AIJN ( European Fruit Juice Association).Aroma, with its unchanging policy of quality from past to present, and healthy, trusted, delicious products, and its traditional yet innovative approach, continues to provide services in the country and abroad as a firm that continues to grow and develop from day to day.
    We will be glad to see you at our booth during the exhibition.