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Press release

  • Agrokor Food companies exhibiting on SIAL

    15 September 2016

    The Agrokor Group is the largest Croatian privately owned company and one of the leading regional companies with almost 60,000 employees and consolidated total revenues reaching 6.4 billion in 2015. Agrokor is ranked 11th on Deloitte's list of 500 largest companies in Central Europe for 2015. The Agrokor Group's core business is the production and distribution of food and beverages, retail and wholesale.

    Agrolaguna is the leading agricultural company in Istria (western Croatia) engaged in winemaking, olive growing and cattle farming. Olive oil, wine and cheese are original Istrian products sold under the Ol Istria, Vina Laguna and Sir Laguna brands that have won some of the most prestigious international quality awards.
    Belje is the largest food and agricultural producer in this part of Europe. Belje food industry creates its products through the synergy of technology, ecology and tradition, following the principle of "traceability from the field to the table". Their products are globally recognized and confirmed by numerous prizes won by Belje wines, Baranja kulen or ABC fresh cream cheese.
    Jamnica is the largest Croatian producer of mineral and spring waters and soft drinks with 180 years of tradition. Jana, Jamnica, Sarajevski kiseljak and Mivela are market leaders in their respective market segments. Jamnica and Jana are Eauscar Award winners. Jana also holds prestigious NSF, TQI and CarbonFree Certificates.

    Ledo is the largest Croatian producer of industrial ice cream and the distributor of frozen foods. The wide assortment of Ledo products - ice cream, frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen fish, dough, ready-made meals and meats, is continually being supplemented with new innovative products that meet the highest quality standards.

    PIK Vrbovec is the leading Croatian meat industry with 70 years of tradition in the production and processing of meat products. PIK has become a recognizable brand and a market leader in Croatia, and is also a major exporter

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