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A code of good conduct for sanitary measures at the SIAL Paris 2020 - Effective as of 10 June 2020.

The world is marked by an international health crisis. Sars-Cov-2 renamed COVID-19 (Coronavirus), a virus that spreads between people, has had determinantal effects on the economy, especially face-to-face sectors, like live events. In order to combat the spread of COVID-19 and revive activity, multiple initiatives have been put in place, including "barrier gestures".

The French government wants sectors and businesses to offer a "Health & System Procedure" for their activity. It is in this context that Comexposium participated in combined efforts with other organisations in the events sector. Therefore, in close collaboration with appropriate authorities, Comexposium outlines a "code of good conduct for sanitary measures”. The "code of good conduct for sanitary measures” aims to covers "COVID 19" and previous health related concerns (SARS in 2003; H1N1 in 2010; Ebola in 2015; Zika; ...) that effected events. When there is an update from the authorities, we will implement and adapt (venues, common areas, animation).

Our 7 priorities

Exhibitors, visitors, partners, service providers, staff: we will ensure that the measures imposed by the appropriate authorities are put in place and applied at the SIAL Paris 2020. A "code of conduct for health and safety" at our event will be taking into account the standards of the sector. We will ensure that all participants and employees are informed pre-event and on site of the procedures to ensure health and safety. 

Read the health and safety procedures

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