Foodservice innovation: from the imagination to the plate

Elior - Foodservice SIAL

They concoct the recipes of tomorrow, and dream up the new products to be proposed to the guests in the restaurants of the Group. For it is also a matter of consolidating the market position of Elior in the foodservice sector, seeking to discover products that stand out and eschewing standardized products so as to surprise their customers by offering them new culinary experiences while adapting their procedures to operational constraints.

One of the engines of innovation in collective catering resides in themed promotions. These make it possible to deploy specific products to suit the event and test their appeal with consumers. An example of this would be a green-tea petit gâteau proposed at an event promoting Japan for the teaching market, or a candied grapefruit white chocolate mousse for the business market.

Innovation is also about working in close conjunction with the R&D teams of the manufacturers, with whom regular, joint brainstorming sessions are organized. These very often culminate in the launch of products or recipes that precisely meet foodservice requirements. It was in this way that an "unstructured strawberry tart" found its way into the Elior bill of fare!

Creativity also derives from the workshops run in partnership with gourmet chefs from the traditional restaurant business, whereby certain recipes are given a whole new angle, and prove extremely popular with our guests. A fruit-flavoured beetroot smoothie, for example, added a modern touch for our health market consumers.

Sylvain Bruneau - Elior Products & Service Director


In 2010, out of a total of 1,000 registered, 400 products were selected by the SIAL Innovation committee, of which 70 fell within the “foodservice” category.



Founded in 1991, Elior is Europe's third-largest operator in contract catering and associated services. 
 The Group, which posted revenues of 4.175 billion euros in 2010/2011, does its business in three activities: catering, concessions and related services.

Its 84,000 employees propose daily to three million customers in fourteen countries tailor-made catering and service solutions with one constant commitment: to welcome and take care of everyone with passion and skill.

As a corporate responsible citizen, Elior has adhered to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact since 2004. The Group is particularly attentive to the new expectations of consumers with regard to nutrition and quality, to the professional development of its employees and to the impact of its activities on its environment.


“Elior has frequently been present at SIAL as a member of the Innovation Committee, allowing it to be in at the start of so many new foodservice products.”