The 11 ESAD projects for a SIAL Food Design preview

Elodie Elsenberger


by Adrien Leroy

The project explores and plays with the daily ritual of preparing tea. Its aim is to highlight the elementary dimension of the product and to make the tasting process become more refined. It reveals the sublime aspect of daily life and plays a contemplative role.

Tea is enhanced by actually being shown. The quality of the product is heightened, nothing is hidden, and everything shown with “transparent pleasure”.

The drinker is part and parcel of the process. It is the drinker himself, his role and view, which make the project come alive and develop around a unique experience.

WABENE, A beautiful and DELICIOUS individual pasta serving

by Denise Feldbacher

Denise Feldbacher

Wabene is a kit for two, with two servings of Wabene pasta and a choice of two sauces in luscious flavours and colours. Over and done with are those problems of quantitiesand the deplorable presentations of pasta in sauce on a plate! Each individual portion meets the basic nutritional requirement (125g per person). The sauce is heated in a bain-marie (double boiler) then served directly onto the bird’s nests of Wabene pasta. Everyone can have fun with the pasta by filling his bird’s nest, on the plate, with the flavours available: tomato sauce, powdered Parmesan cheese, basil and spinach, feta, pine nuts, and nutmeg.



by Sophie Schröger

Sophie Schroger

The Chef’s Flavour is a range of aromas that combine olfactory sensations with the flavours of typical recipes to make the table fragrant at meal times and to increase your guests’ sensory pleasure.

The Chef’s Flavour kit includes four heatproof mats made of felt, 50 ceramic pebbles and six different flavours. The principle? Put a few drops of essence onto 10 to 30 ceramic pebbles, depending on the intensity of smell desired, then place the pebbles on the felt heatproof mat. It is the heat from the dish straight out of the oven in contact with the pebbles that disperses the Chef’s Flavour. A powerful and original experience!



by Marguerite Gaspard Huit

Marguerite GH

Flower Power is a range of edible flower petals for gourmets and aesthetes. The dried flowers, an idea borrowed from the top chefs, can be sprinkled, spread, infused or tasted “at will”.

Flower Power comes in luxury yetsober packaging, showcasing and suggesting different uses for each flower. In a delicate and poetic manner, this product reconciles two apparently paradoxical trends: the need for sophistication and a demand for natural content.




by Myriam Garat

Myriam Garat

Beautiful Purée is a range of frozen vegetable purées to accompany meat and fish, enabling a healthy and flavoursome “graphic landscape” to be created in a few minutes.

With its mashed potato base, Beautiful Purée offers a wide choice of vegetable purées, with a touch of spices or cheese, in a wide variety of flavours and colours. The Beautiful Purée modules are very simple to make and can be assembled frozen then reheated for six minutes in the microwave, on a plate.




by Jean-Baptiste Colleuille


Spicy Rods are a range of spices provided in stick form to season dishes in the way the top chefs do, with the most famous combinations.

Cinnamon-Indian cassia, Hungarian hot paprika, Syrian cumin, powdered ginger, pirate curry, etc., the best spices in the world, once taken out of their age-old glass bottles, can now be used by everyone a very tactile manner. They are ready to be crushed, crumbled, grated, cut or merely left to melt… as seen fit!




by Benjamin Lizon

Benjamin Lizon

The Chef’s Cuts is a range of semi-processed, ready-to-cook vegetables, cut by water-jet (to preserve the product) in all forms customarily used in the kitchen: julienne (finely cut), sticks, brunoise (finely cubed), mirepoix (roughly chopped), sliced, etc.

Cooking like a chef means knowing and respecting the raw products. And the same is true of fresh vegetables. Depending on the variety, they can be prepared in many different ways: raw or cooked, as starters, in a mixed salad or as garnish. The quality of all these preparations largely depends on the way in which they are cut and on the presentation.

The Chef’s Cuts provide amateur cooks with expertly and instantly cut vegetables on a platter so that they can concentrate on the creation of aesthetic and appetising combinations of vegetables.



by Élodie Elsenberger

Elodie Elsenberger

Soup Marbles is a range of some 30 varieties of vegetables presented in the shape of marbles, packed in sachets. Mixed according to taste, they encourage the cook to make an infinite variety of original soups.

To foster the fun aspect of cooking, Soup Marbles immediately conjure up images of children’s playground games. The range of vegetables prompts the cook to prepare soups and to enjoy playing on the colours of the different vegetables. And different combinations can be made according to the nutritional properties of each vegetable.



by Tiphanie Bauduin and Julie Kotulski

Kotulski Bauduin

Instant Soufflé is a sweet soufflé mixture packed in a high-pressure spray that resembles an industrial pressurised whipped cream container. The cook can fill a ramekin of this preparation in a trice, then cook it in the oven for 20 minutes.

Instant Soufflé links elaborate dessert and quick preparation, leaving the cook free rein to produce all sorts of mouth-watering dishes. Several flavours are available: lemon, strawberry, jasmine tea, chocolate, vanilla and mango.






by Zoé Lasmaries Bauduin

Valsalad is a centrepiece, enabling each guest to make his/her own salad dressing, formed of four basic products – oil, vinegar, mustard and honey – with three varieties of each. The glass containers all have a specific dosing device, adapted to the product texture, such as a spoon in the bottle of oil or small alveoli on the vinegar bottle.

Valsalad responds to current consumer demand for conviviality and personalisation.



by Jinyue Li

Colourful Cooking is a cookery application available on a smartphone, mainly for beginners, to make a dish that is very popular in China: Qing Jiao Rou Si. This dish is characterised by its unique method of cooking, enabling an infinite variety of dishes to be made just by changing the vegetable used for garnish.

By using the smartphone’s video function, the application shows the food’s colour, thus enabling the level of cooking to be determined. The cook is guided step by step, thus reducing the possibility of error and eliminating the possibility of over- or under-cooked food!